Washing your reusable face mask | If someone told you a year ago that you’d be wearing a face mask every time you left the house, you’d probably laugh - but here we are. Face masks are now a staple of our outfits, a part of our daily uniform and an absolute essential when it comes to keeping safe on the go. But we sometimes forget what’s just as important as wearing a face mask - keeping it clean.

On average, we touch our faces 23 times an hour. This isn’t such a great idea when you’re wearing a face mask, but chances are you don’t even realise you’re doing it. Neither you nor the people around you want the coughs, sneezes and nasty diseases, that your face mask has been protecting you from, to be all over your hands and all over everything you touch. So, we need to make sure it’s clean. Shockingly, just one in eight people who wear a reusable face mask actually wash them frequently enough and in the right way. That’s why we’ve put together this short but sweet, detailed but delightful, helpful and handy little guide on how to look after your mask so that it can look after you.

First thing’s first, it may be on your face, but don’t wash it like your face. As tempting as it may be to wear it in the shower, we’ll show you some more convenient and sensible ways of getting it clean. Secondly, if you’re using it every day, then wash it every day - treat your face mask like a pair of undies and give them the wash they deserve. So, before we get into it, remember that this advice is for reusable face masks, like the Masuku One, as disposable ones should be... well, disposed of after use, as the name suggests. Let’s get stuck in.

Washing your reusable face mask | Step One:

Get them fingers clean! Give your hands a good wash before you start touching and disassembling the face mask. Some soap or sanitizer will do the job just fine.

Washing your reusable face mask | Step Two:

Take the face mask apart and remove the filter. Put this to the side for now, or if you’ve been using it for over a week, then throw it in the bin and put in a fresh one later.

Washing your reusable face mask | Step Three:

The power is in your hands here folks. You’ve got a choice, either whack it in the washing machine with the rest of your stuff (at a warm, but not hot, temperature) or hand wash it using warm water and some soap or detergent. Remember, you’re washing everything but the filter, it’s important to get every single part clean as it’s going to be on your pretty face soon enough.

Here’s another little tip for you; if you’re using detergent, then use non-bio, as we don’t want you coming out in a rash.

Washing your reusable face mask | Step Four:

Look at you go! Nearly finished, we promise. Place the face mask onto a clean and dry surface. If you can, get it into the sun, it’ll help it dry off quicker and the sunlight will kill any nasty bacteria.

Washing your reusable face mask | Step Five:

The face mask gets to sunbathe, so why shouldn’t you? Go chill out, watch some telly or have a dance - whatever floats your boat. By the time you come back, your face mask should be dry.

Washing your reusable face mask | Step Six:

The final furlong. With clean hands, put your filter back in the face mask and reassemble it. Job done. How easy was that? Now you’re ready to look fresh and breathe easy.


On average, we touch our faces 23 times an hour.”



“just one in eight people who wear a reusable face mask actually wash them frequently enough and in the right way”